11 March 2012

GoDaddy Joomla on Windows: fail

Hi GoDaddy Support,

I recently installed the Joomla application. I deployed two instances to: URIs omitted

They are both running extremely slowly. (Between 4 and 10 seconds to respond - way to slow for a web site). I haven't even set up any content on them yet. Can you please help? Why are they running so slowly?

Thanks in advance.

Support Staff Response

Dear Peter,

Thank you for contacting Online Support. I understand you installed Joomla to a Windows hosting plan. This would be why the sites are resolving slowly. If you do not have ASP elements or any other windows only content, I would recommend switching to a Linux hosting plan as these run Joomla much better. You can change your hosting Operating System by following the instructions below.

If you find that you need to switch the operating system of your hosting account, you can do so at any time.

To Switch Your Hosting Account Operating System

  • Log in to your Account Manager.Click Web Hosting.
  • Click Options next to the account you want to use.
  • Go to the Customize tab.
  • From the Plan menu, select a new hosting plan. NOTE: If you do not see the Plan menu, contact customer support.
  • Click Save Changes or Checkout, and then complete your purchase.

This change may make take up to 72 hours depending on the size of the site, the number of databases and other factors that may increase the complexity of the migration. We recommend that you do not try to FTP to your hosting account during the migration. You will receive an email message when we complete your upgrade.

NOTE: If your website contains certain advanced features, such as ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, or PHP applications and you select a hosting plan that does not support those advanced features, your website may no longer function properly after the plan change. Please make sure your website does not contain advanced features BEFORE moving to a plan that may not support them or be prepared to modify your Web content accordingly.

NOTE: If you created databases that are incompatible with the new operating system, you must delete them before proceeding. Data existing in compatible databases will be preserved.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.


Mike P.

Online Support



Unknown said...

I was pretty sure that I will get GoDaddy Joomla on Windows and finally I've found. I hope that here provided information will surely be handy for everyone. I'm waiting for new information. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

want to change from windows to linux but i cannot find anywhere to change that on the website. Please help

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