15 October 2011

Why won't my Visual Studio macros run?

OK, so my macros are silently failing to run. Much Googling and experimenting rules out multiple possible options, including:
  • what if macros were disabled in the Visual Studio options?
  • what if I'd somehow corrupted my Visual Studio installation?
  • what if it's a UAC issue on Windows 7?
And more magical possibilities fill the imagination.

No dummy - my macro just has a syntax error in it. (Well, more specifically, I had another test module in the same project, which had a syntax error in it).

Still, it would have been nice if Visual Studio had told me rather than giving me the silent treatment.

P.S. Here's the handy macro I was settings up to allow me to locate an open file in the solution explorer.
P.P.S. Actually remember to press the 'Assign' button when setting up keyboard bindings. Clearly I'm having a dumb day.

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